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THE COVENANT can be found on the CHRONOS Server of Lineage II and
consists of a number of Clans, who share one Ventrilo server:
BladeNKnight(BNK), EpicHeroes(EH),  FateSPinner (FSP), TheCrimsonTide(TCT), Buccaneers(BUC), Lost(LOST), LordsOfAnarchy(LOA), ProPVE(PP), PhoenixRising(PR), ThePredators(TP), Sinclair(SIN), and others.  
BNK is an English speaking, mature, friendly and mostly US+Canadian based Clan.   We have a permanent Clan Hall in Goddard, Clan Skills, Ventrilo and regular raids for experience, items and adena with Covenant Clans.  All BNK's Officers have the same rights and responsibilities as any Clan Leader and run BNK by consensus.  The other Covenant Clans are similar in make up and mind set and The Covenant is run by consensus of  the Officers of all our Clans.
We believe that having the skills to be successful playing an MMO like L2 is something to be respected, therefore we are all legitimate Clans.  We are anti-bot and every BNK member is expected to follow all of BNK's Rules.  

We are not all PvP Clans but we will fight back and defend ourselves.  
Together we are involved in exp parties, quests, raids, sieges, PvE and PvP.   We want all our members to make parties together and hang in Vent as much as possible, to learn how to work together in preparation for the events that  require a united response.
To  join BNK you must read our Rules, then contact one of our Officers in game, informing them that you agree to follow them all and you must join Ventrilo even if you can only listen. To join the other Clans, follow their instructions and contact their Officers.