Fungio's Logbook >>

I am born near in a fire-heated cave. I was born with a name of Fungio after my father Fuego, and like my brother Fugo we all carry the same name. I was the youngest of my tribe when it was raided by a bunch of pale long eared ones they call themselves light elf’s. They moved to fast to silently and striked with precise timing. I was only a tot when this happen when my face was splashed with my own parents blood. My father bared a name of a seer he was a supreme follower and beholder and teacher of peagrio. My mother was a prefect and bared the title of a Tyrant. She was hunting when they attacked. My brother was one to bare the name of a raider. He was captured that day. The last vision I saw of my brother was in chains. I have vowed on my life I shall return him to his homeland as long as I shall have an ounce of life left in me. All have been killed from my village.

I awaken on a shore of some huge land. There are many beings here. Nothing like it was back home. A bear ambushed me and before his overwhelming size mauled me he stopped. I turn to look and there he is asleep so I take off running as fast as I can through the bramble and…then I awaken the sound of battle, swords clashing shields stunning. I look around and there are these short pale small-eared beings. One approaches me and speaks some sort of tongue I can’t understand. Then I hear another voice it sounds like orc but spoken by these pale hideous creatures. He says “I shall take you to my people and me and my wife will teach you to fight.” I was raised a being of fire. Here I am so cold and lonely.

I begun my training cause I have to defend my self in this world. I was given composite armor and a set of swords I welded them stronger then my trainer could ever. I learned the art of making myself swing faster, hit harder, cast faster. Then learned how to make other feels that way also. I have put away my swords for now so I can train to be a Warcryer on this continent they call Aden.

One day I was training with dominatricks when a war broke out and a wall fell. I went to tell cezar but he was in his hall drinking ale and told me to run because all is lost. Once again I pick up my swords and my staff and head out the door. Yet a memory has been in my head all along. Why do I run from this fear of being killed or captured? My father and brother could do it so I can to. At that moment the clan hall door broke open and in came these dark pale long eared beings. 2 arrows wised by me. As I charged into battle while my leader sat there. I have no choice now but to fight. I target the first one I see…. the one with a bow. My spell penetrates him and he drops to his knees in agony, as 2 other look my way and charge. One has a dagger and the other has a staff. I sleep the mage while I nuked the dagger. The dagger drops to the ground in agony. Then I feel a sharp pain in my back it came from an arrow when I turn to look I see him turn to shot my leader, so I steal his soul and use it to restore me. When I turn around. I see 2 people taking my leader out the door. And there is a skinny dark elf in between my leader and me. He bears a shield and a sword of Damascus. “Might not want to get in the way elf.” I say sternly. “Use those swords and I shall teach you a new to look at the world.” He said “Who are you so I can write you name on my staff when I crush you with it?” “My name is Joe” “What a name, sounds like someone put a lot of time into thinking of you when you were born.” “Well now I bid you farewell.” “Where are you going I am fighting you here.” “I have came for my target and now I shall leave.” “Not without me you aren’t.” A sense of paralysis takes over my body and I fall to the ground.

I awaken the voice of 2 humans talking. I said, “Untie before the dark elf returns.” They look away then the door opens. “Hurry I shall protect you from them.” In walks 2 dark elf mages, 1 dark elf elder, and 1 human bishop, then him. “Why you take my noble leader.” I ask. “PHHHH noble you call him noble he has done nothing but slow down all he has come to meet. There is much that you don’t know about him let me tell you. 4 months later. I was fighting a dragon when I hear an old sound that use to call for me. It is my brother and he has something on his back. He asks me to watch over him for it is your brother and his name is Manty. I look down, a human? When I turned to look he was gone. And here comes a dragon I throw the baby on my back and use a scroll to go back to my home. And introduce my new brother to my family. We call our selves BladeNKnight’s. I call my self a friend among friends.

I was in the town of Giran one morning purchasing potions and other stuff. When a little boy came up to me and asked to tell them a story. I went to the fire where we normally camped out in the graveyard. I sat down near the fire and started telling a tale about a beautiful madden and her knight in shining armor. It was about how true love can even over come races. I noticed one of the kiddies had a sour look on his face. so i said what is the matter? he replied that stench where is it coming from. I lift up my arm and take a whiffff. The smell closed my eyes made them tear up. it made my nostrils flare open in hopes to get some oxygen in them. i fell back wards over the stone i was on. it smelt like a dragon milk soaked rat man that died on a shell of a basilisk and started to decomposed when it was eating by a drake then shatted out then roasted again in a lake wear algae grew on it until it disappeared, into the stomach of a catfish which was eaten by a bear which i ate last week. And i drank 3 tubs of ale since then.

When i awaken i find myself being dragged in a burlap sack like a bag of potatoes. when i stop moving i hear someone walk away. i opened the bag with my skinning knife and looked around i was in the enchanted valley. The smell hurt my nostrils of pricey flowers and other clean smells. I turn around to see a female orc carrying wood over to the camp i reach for my weapon it was gone. after she stacked the wood she noticed the bag was missing she started mumbling to herself stupid food always walks away when i am hungry.

I can teach you to hunt bigger better meat i said. she stopped and turned around just to see me, a orc like her standing there. I am much a smaller statue then her by pure strength she has me beat in most aspects. she goes for her sword i tell her i can feed her for a lifetime so you need me. I know where there is prime meat and plenty of it. not eat orc, orc bad.

She has a voice of angels but she brings death every wear she goes. she carries a sword and shield and wears full plate. she reminds me of my brother fugo yet she is much weaker. I ask her, what is your name?
it is slur she replies. when she gets to a hunting spot i show her how to kill a grizzly bear with one spell i drop it and she runs to beat it with her sword, she takes off her shield and beats it with that also until the head is crushed. I asked her why does she do that. I am tired of food walking away from me when i am hungry. If you keep using The sword in the manner you are you will ruin it. you need a real weapon. She asks A real Weapon? a big one, one for you to crush people with not just poke them. let me take you to town and i shall show you what i am talking about after i bathe.