- Play for Fun and respect the EULA rules as much as possible.

- No botting and if you can not play Lineage 2 without using third party
programs, then you should try an easier MMO like Hello Kitty Online.

- No begging for adena, items, experience, parties or protection, it's a PvP       game and everything you pick up, spoil, buy, drop, kill or are given is yours.

- No racism, sexism, gayism, ageism or any form of discrimination.

- No extremely offensive language, we have all ages and peoples. 

- Respect other players, clan/ally mates, everyone has different play styles.

- Support each other, become friends and play for common benefits and goals.

- Ventrilo use is mandatory, even if you can only listen. Vent is essential for      all Parties, Raids, Sieges, PvP and becoming part of our team/clan/ally. 

- You can PvP!
: at wars, sieges and when defending yourself, party, friends, clannies and allies.
: but if you're in a mixed party getting attacked by THEIR WarTags, Stay Out Of It.
: when fighting for an exp spot (that means if people come to take your spot 
  and they don't leave peacefully, also includes clearing your spot of bots).
: however no random attacking, griefing or trash talking please.