Update: 12/20/2006

>> Welcome to members of Oxblood (new members of the Ethos Alliance). Ethos lost Giran Castle to Redemption - it was a good siege and many thanks to all who helped defend, including Fadedsteel and Kaizan. Congrats to Phixious on making Noble, and congrats to Elishka and MuffinGirl on hitting 75.


>> Welcome to our new members. Ethos holds a clan hall in Rune (thank you to evryone who helped make it happen). Ethos still holds Giran Castle. Congrats to SquirrelDeath and CobraCommander on hitting 75.

>> 07/26/2006 Welcome to new members Beltaim and Entro. Welcome back to Sm0k3.

>> 05/28/2006 Welcome to new members Guille and Muppen

>> 05/28/2006 Welcome to new members Buttdog, DeathRain, Hizume, Jesyca, Marlak, Padfoot, Reveng3, TwiztedAngel and Xemit.

>> 05/01/2006 Welcome to new members Phixious, Dark Avenger/Socerer (Sub).

>> 04/25/2006 SquirrelDeath has formed the Ethos Alliance, which includes the BladeNKnight and BnKII clans. Welcome to new members BlooDLeon, Crnic, Daemon, Ewylona, Galdarr, Kurxen and Nosha. Welcome back to Soulsearcher and Otus.

>> 04/13/2006 Welcome to new members Critters, Tyrant; and Panchita, Gladiator.

>> 04/05/2006 Welcome to new members Darkstome; Bladedancer; Jihcian, Spellhowler; Maktu, Tyrant; and SaintEagle, Spellhowler. Good luck to Phreddo and Mystang who have left BladeNKnight. We wish them well. BladeNKnight successfully raides for the Partisan's Hideaway clan hall.

>> 03/30/2006 BladeNKnight has left the Epoch Alliance. We are proud to have been a part of one of the strongest alliances on Hindemith and we wish the alliance the best of luck for the future.

>> 03/03/2006 Welcome to new clan members Evintine, Sorcerer; Hephaistion, SpellHowler; KingJohn, Gladiator; and Sillhouettes, Spellsinger. Welcome back to old mambersHellish and Shelm - great to have you back in BnK. Welcome to new Alliance members, Elmoreden. BladeNKnight took the Partisan Hideaway clan hall from Storm. Aden castle was transferred to Alliance members, Buccaneers. Congratulations to Flyytaggart on getting Archaneus to level 49 (with much appreciated assistance from Lighthearted).

>> 02/28/2006 BladeNKnight now own Aden castle. The castle tranfer was completed in under eight minutes. Wecome to new Alliance members, SanctumKnights. Congratulations to Divine on taking Goddard, and to Oblivion for taking Giran Castle from Storm. EpochInc, the Alliance administrative clan, run by Robsan , now holds Gludio castle for Epoch.

>> News 02/14/2006. Welcome to new members Akainos, Guenevir, LadyofStars, Sm0k3, and Mystang. Hope everyone is having a blast in C4. Congratulations to all of Epoch on winning Dawn in the Festivals. Special thanks to WereGirl, our Festival Coordinator. Good luck for the next round of competitions. Congratulations to everyone in Epoch and Divine on another successful Antharas Raid. A special thanks to Redplanet, SquirrelDeath and Elishka, from Epoch, and Winternight and the other Divine officers for their planning that made the whole event so smooth. Special thanks to Cynergy, Dagg3rGod and Elishka for their exceptional kiting ;)

>> News 01/26/2006
Welcome to new member Bendershine, Tyrant

Congratulations on a successfull siege of Aden and defence of Gludio. Epoch now holds both castles. Many thanks to Siege Commander Elishka and our allies and friends: Core, Divine, Legionaires, Lionhart and ShadowPheonix.
Congratulations to Mystang and to Putini (Putuni's reroll) on making level 40. Both members are working on their class change quests and we look forward to having them in the main clan soon.
Congratulations also to Divine on winning Dusk... the next round of festivals promised to be entertaining ;)

>> News 01/12/2006
Welcome to new member Valahan, Hawkeye. Good luck to everyone at the Aden Siege this weekend.

>> News 01/05/2006
Welcome to our new clan member DonWon, Warcryer; Occultist, Necromancer; MicrosoftWord, SpellSinger; ShiknTH, Hawkeye; and Razorwire, Destroyer.
We also welcomeLighthearted, Hawkeye - previously Tailwind.
Nairb, one of the founding members of BladeNKnight, has come back to the game as Mystang and will reside in our alt clan until he is level 40 - it's great to have him back.

>> News 12/04/2005
It's been a huge week for BladeNKnight. On Saturday 3rd December, Epoch, Divine and Core gathered at 7:40 am EST to take down Antharas. The Raid was a success, and a first for Hindemith. Congratulations to all who made it happen.

Drop list from the Antharas Raid

>> On Sunday 4th December Epoch succesfully defended our castle at Gludio. It was a close battle and a good fight. Congrats again to all who helped ensure thatGludio remains under Alliance control.. now maybe we can get some sleep ;)